Tuesday, April 29, 2008

My experience at Tata's Croma

It was my first visit to Croma store located near juhu, Mumbai. We were there to do window shopping.

The view of the store from outside was fabulous...anyone would atleast like to go in and chk it out. At the entrance was these words which told the psychi of the store - " Don't hesitate to ask question / Don't let technology confuse you / Don't buy till you are fully convinced / Don't feel bad about saying, I will come back ". These actually helped us a lot...we knew that we may not buy anything from the store and may be we will be wasting the time of store personnel but then after reading the quotes we felt that store will welcome all kinds of shoppers - even like us!!!

The ambience inside was just perfect. We were post impressed by fabulous display of LCD's, mobiles, laptops and the nice & neat way in which price and various offers were displayed. The range of disply and choices offered were amazing and the sales persons were quite co-operative and jolly.
The negatives - we found the prices a bit on the higher side and there was no mechanism of giving customer feedback.
Huge inventory cost and comparable prices across products and standard product offerings...made us wander how they manage their profitability..Guess service shall be the strong point of Croma in future for them to compted & succed!!!!!

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